Sole Yachts are designed to offer yacht lovers the most sophisticated and elegant representation possible and continuously developed for being better, faster and stronger.
We provide flexibility to our customers and walk through all their needs and possible modifications together as the customer satisfaction is a key element for us. We provide virtual tours, images, videos together with the technical specifications for information purposes only. Our goal is provide accurate, completed and updated information on our website as much as we can. Sole Yachts reserves the right to modify at any time, without notice, any content and characteristics of any yachts, including, but not limited to, colours, materials, optionals and equipment.

The next voyage, the longest and the best...

"While cruising through the waterway separating the two continents, Europe and Asia with the view of marble palaces, ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture besides modern residentials and luxury apartments, I knew what was missing" says Anil Gunes, the founder of Sole yachts.

Spending years in the architecture world, working with high-caliber clients and having nautical way of life in the magical turquoise Bosphorus are our key strengths while designing our exceptional boats offering minimalistic and classy designs with fully developed 3D renderings.

Sole offers impressive designs with exceptional price advantages due to our architectural background and collaborative partners we have had in years. Sole Yacht blends technical parts from the industry leaders, powerful engines from world class brands together with niche designs of hulls with composite superstructures. On the creative side, clients appreciate our talent and imagination, and our flexibility of making their wishes come true.